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January 28, 2011

You can’t escape the ads to buy or sell gold.  In tough economic times, gold becomes even more popular as an investment making it a great time to sell gold you may have and no longer need. 

But really, what do you know about selling gold?  If you are like most of us, nothing!  You may have gone through your drawers and found old gold items you inherited or just no longer wear, but how do you go about selling it? 

That was the situation Gayle O’Donnell recently found herself in.  She had old gold jewelry but was apprehensive about being taken advantage of in the selling process.  The thought of putting her items in an envelope and mailing it off made her uncomfortable.  So she did what most of us do when we are in uncharted waters; she asked for referrals from friends and she read reviews on the internetHer original intent was to get quotes from 2 places to be sure she was getting a fair price for her gold.  However, when she went to her appointment at Sound Gold Buyers in the Ballard area of Seattle, they gained her confidence and trust through the education they gave her that she never went anywhere for a 2nd opinion.


Each step of the way, they explained the testing  used to determine the gold content (14k vs 24k etc.) and the sophisticated scales which are both calibrated by State regulators and locked  for accuracy.  On the website forSound Gold Buyers  you can watch a short video to see the process for yourself even before you make your appointment.


This education provided to the consumer instills trust and confidence – essential elements in doing business successfully.  These factors are even more important when you deal in goods or services customers do not have a great deal of knowledge about, ones they don’t use often and that involve a large amount of money.   Auto repairs, irrigation and septic systems, many home improvements, even mattress purchases all fall into this category as well.


If your business is one where customers have natural skepticism based on lack of knowledge, build trust by providing basic education on the process, the options and the features/benefits to the consumer.  Also encourage and utilize favorable customer reviews both on your website and on community websites such as   


Trust and confidence are two important elements of earning long-term business and valuable referrals.  Be sure you are doing all you can to earn them by providing education to allow the consumer to make informed decisions.





Theresa Edwards, Intern
Recycling gold can not only be good for your wallet, it's also good for the environment.

Selling old gold: a look into the gold-buying business


By Theresa Edwards, Intern

Looking to sell that antique gold bracelet that’s been collecting dust in your jewelry box? Wondering how much those gold coins are worth? There are many infomercials on TV lately asking people to sell their gold and other precious metal items and according to Ben at Sound Gold Buyers in Ballard, now is a good time to do so.

The BNT met with Ben who explained how much gold is worth these days, what happens to the golden goods once sold, and why recycling gold is good for the environment.

“People are aware that gold prices are high, so it’s a good time to sell it,” said Ben. Gold is currently worth a fairly high $1,698.00 per ounce. After rising for the past 18 months to the historical all-time high of $1,925 an ounce, the value has gone back down again a bit, but the small Ballard business has seen many customers recently who have been looking to make some money off of their unused jewelry or coins.

Silver is currently worth $32.89 per ounce, which is significantly less than gold for several reasons. Gold is more likely to have been kept over generations and then it is easy to recycle by melting down. It also has esteemed monetary value, and the demand for gold has increased for electronics, jewelry and investment (gold bars and coins).

The majority of gold purchased by businesses such as Sound Gold Buyers is eventually melted down for use in vehicles, appliances, and electronics around the world. Gold is an excellent conductor of electricity, so it is increasingly being used in cars and electronics, especially in Asia.

A fraction of the total demand for gold is for jewelry, especially engagement rings and wedding bands. Gold coins are usually kept for investors to purchase because they may rise in value later.

Why should Ballardites want to sell their gold?

Currently gold is at a historically high industrial and monetary value in the global market.

Also, Ben explained that recycling gold helps slow the demand for the destructive mining of new gold, which can be extremely harmful to the environment and well-being of people in affected areas. The same is true for diamonds, the mining of which can also be devastating in developing countries.

The fourth generation gold buying business purchases gold necklaces, bracelets, chains, charms, watches, coins, bars, class rings, and dental gold, as well as silver coins, tea sets, cups, silverware and platters. They also evaluate diamonds of all sizes.

Ben explained how the business’ low overhead eliminates extra expenses, resulting in the highest price paid to the customer as possible. It is not a pawn shop or gold dealer, so there is no inventory that takes away from the money paid to the seller.

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